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First, we would like to give you brief information about our journey in the Forex world. As we know there are so many advertisements where they say you can make lots of money for a short period. Many people who are in debt or who want easy money flocked like sheep and tried to find their way using retail brokers. We were also the same as you interested in trading but we also know how to do programming. That is why we went into detail about the MT4 platform. Especially we chose the Metatrader 4 platform because most of the brokers are currently using mt4 as the main trading platform. We taught ourselves how to do mt4 programming and worked so hard to create new expert advisors and indicators. Now we have come to the stage of expert and we started to help traders like you to reach your goals. As our priority is to be your partner so you can succeed in the harsh environment of Forex trading. All our services put a value on your journey and I am %100 that you will not regret working with us. We have lots of references as well as programs which we did for our customers. As the retail forex trading world grows we will be your trusted partner as long as you are keen on beating the Forex market.

Our Focus offers various services but we do not sell expert advisors or indicators that offer you quick riches. All our programs either are private or customer programs. We value privacy that is why we do not share any trading methodology of our customers to any other person or customer. There is a rule in the market and its very simple. If you share your system or sell your signals your trading method will self destruct itself as many people will start to follow you? When many people follow you you are making your failure. That's why you should not ask for expert advisors or indicators. However, if you want to learn to program or you want to develop your MT4 expert advisor or indicator then AS we are here to help you. We have lots of forex knowledge so we can give you information about what you can do to improve your system so you can work with us continuously until you reach your success level.


Many of our customers reached their goals. Some of them are still trying. However, all of them are agreed on one thing. It is that we are their trusted partner in their journey. So come join us and let's achieve great things together. We, team, are here to help you every day. Do not hesitate to contact us on Skype or live chat or Mail.

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Pricing mostly depends on how well you prepare your document which explains your strategy. If the document is clear enough we can develop your solution faster and cost lesser.

Our development costs 50 Euro/h. Generally the time of development is around 2h and testing with the client is 1h. But of course, this completely depends on how complex is your strategy is. It can be less or more.

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We are not working with any repainting indicator or Fibonacci related requests. We are not decompiling any ex4 files also. All relative concept algorithms are not in our development scope.


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