How MT4 Programmers Work?

How it works?


Step 1

Make sure about what kind of expert advisor or indicator you want. It can be either windows application or MT4 trading program. Prepare a word document about what exactly you need.

Step 2

Contact us. Lets go over the document to understand in our part if it is clear.

Step 3

If it is clear and everything is acceptable then lets Do it!

Step 4

After development is done, we demo the Metatrader 4 program to you.

Step 5

After payment final delivery is done. Everything is invoiced and sent to your mail.

Step 6

We support if you face any issues.

What you need

Proper document from the customer what he needs from us to develop

Must have instant communication device for faster communication.

To offer 1 day development cycle we need to communicate from Skype or any other instant communication so we can progress much faster. (We call this term HOT coding)

We accept paypal or credit card payments.

Skrill is also accepted. All payments are secure we do not store any card or sensitive information.

Teamviewer is needed for us to give better support and also for demoing the program which you wanted from us.

Any remote connection assistance programs are acceptable in our side.