Indicator Review Services

As you know the most time-consuming item is to find working indicators and checking them if it is a quality indicator or not. There are thousands of indicators on the internet which is ready for you to test. BUT Who has time for that right?

We got you covered. We have launched the Indicator Review Service. Here are the reasons you should purchase our Premium Subscription

Here are the perks you will have if you join us:

  • We search and find all the indicators that are possible to find on the internet. We download thousands of indicators (sometimes duplicate, unfortunately) to our server. You do not need to anymore give your email to download a bunch of indicators and get spammed in the meantime.
  • We do the investigation of the indicators due to some criteria. We have certain criteria that we learned from forex guru on the internet. We check the indicators with those criteria and validate if it is a quality indicator or not. You do not need to investigate thousands of indicators in your spare time and pass out in front of your computer.
  • We develop indicators to simulate the test of the indicator. All those developed indicators are included in the premium subscription. We spent nearly hundreds of hours to develop those indicators
  • We provide our comments, verdict about the indicators, and also the original indicator and our developed indicator. We also include the excel report of the investigation if it was done. You can use the indicator for testing other pairs or more years.
  • You join our group where we talk over the indicators and discuss the indicators. This way you start your journey with a team. Not alone. We help you through Discord channel and assist if you have any problems with the indicators.
  • In future we do a deeper investigation of the indicators and create an even better analysis. The main idea is to create a personal trading strategy. The current stage we are implementing is to check all the indicators. But all this journey is included in the premium subscription.
Here are the indicators that are reviewed in our Premium Blog.
Indicators that are Reviewed:
  • 00_ZZ_Window
  • 1_Fish
  • AbsoluteStrenghtHisto_v1
  • BH_-_ergodic_mtf__arrows
  • coppock_curve_nmc
  • Didi_Index_1
  • dss-averages-of-momentum
Indicators that are Reviewed:
  • AbsoluteStrenghtHisto_v2.3
  • Arrow with Alert
  • Behgozin_Strength_Finder
  • blau_ergodic_tsi_macd
  • coppock_curve_-_averages_amp_alerts_nmc
  • dynamic-cycle-explorer-indicator
  • ehlers_fisher_transform_fl

Quality and customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.