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Do people really profit in Forex?

MT4 Programmer Solutions

MT4 Programmer Solutions

We saw 1-2 people however the majority in the Forex market is not succeeding. The reason is that people are impatient. They don't want to understand the markets and they are giving up easily. If you want to be successful in Forex trading you should know the game.

There are many sites that give brief information about what is a forex and the key fundamentals that you should know before starting trading.

Note that the main players in the Forex market (banks hedge funds etc) are playing against the retail traders. That is why retail traders' losses are their gains. If you check the statics you would see that institutional positions are always against the retail traders' positions. The key is to be silently following the smart money. Think about the small fishes swimming under the sharks. They eat the leftovers of the sharks and survive. As retail traders, the gains which you can have are far enough to survive and thrive in your life. However to synchronize with smart money trading you should work hard to understand them and develop your strategy similarly to theirs. team simply will give these knowledge to help you to learn more without losing any money in real markets. We know many things like how to protect yourselves against scams or what a good strategy looks like and what methods are useless in trading. All our customers who work with us can ask questions and get a response from our developer team. Note that we cannot guarantee that you will be totally successful however as long as you work hard, investigate and be patient and also work with us we are confident that you can achieve your goals.

General Questions

1What does offers?
In the main page we wrote what services we offer. There are 3 main categories. One is education other is coding services and the last is the mentorship.
2Do we really need a metatrader programmer?
If you don't want to do manual trading then you need a metatrader programmer. But you should not just search for a programmer. You should search for a partner. When works with you; we actually offer our knowledge and commitment to you. We will support if anything is wrong at the program or we can give feedback how it can be improved. We are not a programming company which you just do your work and never come back. We are always in skype live chat or mail to assist you.
3I have only ex4 of the expert advisor or indicator can you modify it?
No. We cannot modify ex4. We only modify mq4 which is the source code.
4When I can get my Metatrader 4 expert advisor or indicator?
Depends on the complexity. It can be either in 1 day or 2-3 days. Programs include high complexity causes more time to develop.
5How I can be sure you do not share my system to other people?
We are company as we are lawfully obligated to privacy concerns. We believe that to offer best quality; we should be trustworthy to our customers. Until this time we did not receive any complain so you can be confident that we will stay like this for many years to come.
6Are you signing NDA?
We do not sign any NDA. However if customer insists then extra programming fee will be applied. Currently we didn’t receive any NDA requests because our customer trusts us as we trust them.
7Can you use ex4 indicators to create expert advisors?
Yes we can use those indicators to create your trading system.
8How are you different from other metatrader 4 programmers?
We have extensive knowledge of trading programs in Metatrader4 and fix protocol. We also know Ninjatrader if customer requests. We support everyday if you need assistance. Unlike other mt4programmer sites we like to communicate from skype or live chat for faster communication. Time is valuable for us. Many other companies offer only mail which we think is 90s method. You have to be fast as markets so we value instant communication methods with our customers. We also provide see first pay later system.
9How can I pay?
We do invoice from Paypal. You can pay using your credit card or Paypal account. We also accept Skrill if customer does not have any Paypal or credit card.
10How much do you charge?
This also depends on the complexity of the program requirements. We give the price information after we completely understand what we need to program.
11What is see first pay later system?
We get requirement from your document about what kind of expert advisor or indicator you need. Then we give price and get permission from you if you want to work with us. After we do the mt4 program, we show it live that it is working. However we do it briefly. Then we get paid. This way the work is done and customers can pay without being scammed.
12Do you charge for analysis?
No. Only thing we want from you is clear document of what you need so we do not spend much time to understand each other. As MT4 programmers we care about clarity and time.
13Do you charge for Support?
We do not charge for fixing bugs. We believe in our quality and we offer support free of charge.
14Do you charge for extra features?
Yes, because it is new work that we have to do so we charge minimal fee for new features.
15Can I test before paying?
No. We are offering already free support so there is no issues to contact to us. You can use mail or Skype or even live chat to talk with us and get your program fixed if there is any issue. We also do demo to show briefly that your Metatrader 4 expert advisor or indicator functionalities work. We do not do full years of back test. This is your responsibility.
16Do you have systems for selling?
No. We do not sell any system. However we can advice what you can put in your system. We have lots of experience about trading systems so possibly our ideas may improve your trading system as well.
17Can you offer work for free?
If you want quality work unfortunately it does not come for free. However to our loyal customers we sometimes give free upgrades. Our support is completely free.